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    Semana de 19 a 23 de novembro de 2018





    Fonte: Prof. Helcio R. B. Orlande (COPPE/UFRJ)


    IPM 2019 – 5th International Conference on Inverse Problems Methods

    May 22 to May 24, 2019 – Rzeszów, Poland



    The IPM 2019 Conference is a continuation of the previous IPM Symposia held in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2017, which were devoted to inverse problems in mechanics. In contrast with previous IPM Symposia, IPM 2019 will have a cross-disciplinary character The main objectives of IPM 2019 is to get together scientists, engineers and researchers working in various fields of inverse problems, to create a forum for information, exchange and discussion of new research directions and applications in science and engineering.

    Submission of a two-page abstract: February 15, 2019


    IPDO 2019 – 5th International Symposium on Inverse Problems, Design and Optimization

    September 24 to September 26, 2019 – Tianjin, China



    IPDO sequence of international symposia aims at bringing together three communities of researchers in the fields of inverse problems, multidisciplinary design theory and optimization. IPDO is a unique international forum that provides an excellent basis for cross-fertilization of ideas, as well as for the creation of new synergistic approaches and methodologies.

    Submission of mini-symposium proposals: January 31, 2019,

    Submission of a two-page abstract: March 15, 2019


    7th METTI – School on Thermal Measurements and Inverse Techniques

    September 29 to October 04, 2019 – Porquerolles Island, France


    The objective of the METTI School is to promote the theory and application of inverse methods in thermal engineering. The METTI School is organized in theoretical courses and practical hands-on workshops, covering fundamental and advanced material in inverse problems and measurement techniques. This Advanced School is aimed at engineers, graduate students and researchers, working both in the academia and industry.

    Mini-simpósio do evento Interpore 11th Annual Meeting

    6 a 10 de maio de 2019, em Valencia, na Espanha

    Fonte: LNCC


    O pesquisador, apresenta o mini-simpósio “Uncertainty Quantification in Porous Media”, em conjunto com Felipe Pereira, (University of Texas at Dallas/EUA) e Arunasalam Rahunanthan (Central State University/EUA).


    Título do mini-simpósio: Uncertainty Quantification in Porous Media




    The goal of this mini-symposium is to provide a forum for discussion of common themes that arise in the application of stochastic (e.g., Markov chain Monte Carlo (McMC)) and deterministic (e.g. Adjoint formulation) uncertainty quantification (UQ) methods for porous media. We welcome UQ methods for all porous media applications, including flow in porous media and geophysics. We aim for a multi-disciplinary mini-symposium which forms a basis for cross-discipline discussions of new findings, challenges, and methods forward.




    (1) Felipe Pereira, The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX, USA


    (2) Marcio Rentes Borges, Brazilian National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Brazil


    (3) Arunasalam Rahunanthan, Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio, USA


    Call for abstracts:



    Para mais informações, estamos à disposição.

    Site do evento: https://events.interpore.org/event/12/


    XV International Conference on Computational Plasticity – Fundamentals and Applications – COMPLAS 2019

    September 3-5, 2019 - Barcelona, Spain.

    Fonte: Prof. Miguel Vaz Jr.(UDESC)


    Dear Colleague,


    We wish to bring to your attention the XV International Conference on Computational Plasticity – Fundamentals and Applications – COMPLAS 2019 which will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on September 3-5, 2019.


    Within the scope of the conference, we are organizing a Mini-Symposium on “Computational Strategies for Metal Cutting & Forming Operations”.


    The mini-symposium is focused on the discussion of modelling issues, strategies and applications of numerical techniques to metal cutting (machining, blanking, etc.) and metal forming (forging, extrusion, etc.) operations.


    If you wish to present your recent work as “invited paper”, please, let me know.


    Please, note that authors of “invited papers” are also required to register at the conference. The conference secretariat informs that authors of “invited papers” are also required the payment of the conference fees.  Please, refer to the COMPLAS 2019 website for additional information.


    Abstracts should be uploaded directly at the conference website (deadline to register the abstract is 31st January, 2019). For further information and template, please check the conference website.


    Please, contact me for the “Code Session” number before uploading the Abstract.


    Important: The conference secretariat communicates that submission of the full paper is not mandatory but highly recommended as the conference proceedings (full papers only) will be submitted for indexation in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index – ISI Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters) and in SCOPUS databases.


    Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further details.


    Conference website:



    Best regards,


    M. Vaz Jr.

    Session Organiser and Member of the Scientific Committee